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Seminars in Belgrade 2010. Orbs are everywhere around us.

Anya Petrovic travels the globe teaching Tesla Metamorphosis. She is very passionate about making it available to as many people as possible, not just because of the really extraordinary and often fast healing results, but also because she believes that the spiritual evolution of humanity through consciousness evolution, the reconstruction of the original thirteen human DNA strands and the attunement of human DNA with the DNA of the planet Earth and the Universe, as well as the establishment of the perfect light balance that awakens the Light Being within, is of the highest priority in this period of time.

Students saw these light balls with their naked eyes!
Belgrade, Serbia (on right)

Tesla Metamorphosis seminars are usually taught over a weekend: Friday night and all day on Saturday and Sunday. More detailed information on the seminars you can find on Seminars_Description page. Seminars are held in a very caring and friendly atmosphere. Every student is given personal attention.

Perhaps you are a yoga, meditation, tai chi teacher, or a student who is already part of a group that would be interested to find out more about this amazing healing work and method to grow; or perhaps you have a group of like-minded friends who are looking for a way to enhance their growth and wellbeing? Then, why not be a host the seminar? Or you can invite Anya to give a presentation with live demonstrations in your city?

Anya at the conference
"This is The Time of Light"- Milan, Italy 2010

To arrange a seminar or Anya's presentation, please contact_us with details of: your location, address, approximate dates, how many people you expect, and also your contact details, so that we could inform you about the availability and about the privileges you might have as a host.


Left: Seminar in Florida, US

Seminar in Podgorica, Montenegro
Colours on the wall Visible to the naked eye appeared in Canada
Seminar in Rijeka, Croatia
Seminar in Sydney, Australia
Tesla Science Conference, Philadelphia, USA
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