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If you make your own search on the Internet, you will find that many people around the globe are returning to Nikola Tesla and his work back in the nineteenth century, to the Tesla Coil and other inventions, to use them in healing and energy medicine. Tesla said:

"I will not work for the present no more, I am working for the future".

The time has come, the time Tesla was working for! Most of the in instruments “quantum medicine” that can be set to the frequencies which can initiate the frequencies in a human body which enable it to heal itself - are based on Tesla’s invents. Tesla was a visionary. He said:

“We are whirling through endless space with an inconceivable speed, all around us everything is spinning, everything is moving, everywhere is energy. There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy more directly.”

Tesla had mastered this in his life, but humanity was not ready for that at this time. Now, with Tesla Metamorphosis and it seems that we are able to access these healing frequencies without using machines, directly attuning to the energy from the nature.

(*Note: Tesla's works are often quoted on the website, and have been preserved in their original form from his own writings, even though the English could be written in a more modern format.)

The Institute for Bio-Energetic Research
Dr. Prof. Ljubo Ristovski

Tesla Coil creates changes in the field.

Purple colour generated by the Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil represents the energies which are beneficial for human health. The image on the left clearly shows that Tesla Waves carry these energies; in other words, that they have a beneficial, healing effect on the human organism.

During Tesla Metamorphosis session the channels of absorption are clearly visible:

Two purple channels of absorption (a, b), where the colour of the b channel presents the strong absorption of the waves equal to the waves created by Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil (Tesla Waves).

The appearance of orange and green colours (c, d) indicate healing changes in the area of the lower abdomen created by healing energies;

The enhanced light areas visible on the body (e) indicate the optimal balance of energy within the organism, typical for the holistic therapies.

Up until now this purple colour that appears when using Tesla Waves did not appear in any other cases when photographs of different healers using different modalities were taken with the PIP camera and analysed at the Institute.

The images on the left show sessions of other healing modalities, different from Tesla Metamorphosis;

This purple effect was also registered in auras of almost all participants in the seminar (see the photos below). The photos were made on the third day of the seminar, after a number of therapeutic exercises that the students were involved in.

Nikola Tesla

"We shall have no need to transmit power at all. Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe... Throughout space there is energy..." (My Inventions: the autobiography of Nikola Tesla)
“Even matter called inorganic, believed to be dead, responds to irritation and gives unmistakable evidence of a living principle within... The energy that runs the universe directs life… Thus, everything that exists, organic or inorganic, animated or inert, is susceptible to stimulus from the outside. There is no gap between, no break in continuity, no special and distinguishing vital agent.” ( How Cosmic Forces Shape Our Destiny)

"It is necessary to employ oscillations in which the rate of radiation of energy into space IN THE FORM OF HERTZIAN OR ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES IS VERY SMALL. To give an idea, I would say that the frequency should be smaller than twenty thousand per second, though shorter waves might be practicable. The lowest frequency would appear to be six per second, in which case there will be but one node, at or near the ground-plate, and paradoxical as it may seem, the EFFECT WILL INCREASE WITH THE DISTANCE."
(Canadian Patent 142,352 – ‘Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy through the natural Mediums’)
"But can anyone doubt to-day that all the millions of individuals and all the innumerable types and characters constitute an entity, a unit? Though free to think and act, we are held together, like the stars in the firmament, with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them. I cut myself in the finger, and it pains me: this finger is a part of me. I see a friend hurt, and it hurts me, too: my friend and I are one. And now I see stricken down an enemy, a lump of matter which, of all the lumps of matter in the universe, I care least for, and it still grieves me. Does this not prove that each of us is only part of a whole?
(The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With The Special Reference To The Harnessing of The Sun's Energy)
"It is borne out in everything we perceive - in the movement of a planet, in the surging and ebbing of the tide, in the reverberations of the air, the swinging of a pendulum, the oscillations of an electric current, and in the infinitely varied phenomena of organic life. Does not the whole of human life attest to it? Birth, growth, old age, and death of an individual, family, race, or nation, what is it all but a rhythm?"
(The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With The Special Reference To The Harnessing of The Sun's Energy)
"Man, however, is not an ordinary mass, consisting of spinning atoms and molecules, and containing merely heat-energy. He is a mass possessed of certain higher qualities by reason of the creative principle of life with which he is endowed. His mass, as the water in an ocean wave, is being continuously exchanged, new taking the place of the old. Not only this, but he grows propagates, and dies, thus altering his mass independently, both in bulk and density. What is most wonderful of all, he is capable of increasing or diminishing his velocity of movement by the mysterious power he possesses by appropriating more or less energy from other substance, and turning it into motive energy." (The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With The Special Reference To The Harnessing of The Sun's Energy)
"Everyone should consider his body as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all, as a marvelous work of art, of indescribable beauty and mastery beyond human conception, and so delicate and frail that a word, a breath, a look, nay, a thought, may injure it."
(The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With The Special Reference To The Harnessing of The Sun's Energy)
"My high frequencies," he [Tesla] would say, "produce an anti-germicidal action." Thus, as part of his routine for a day at the lab, the inventor would disrobe, step upon his apparatus, and turn on the juice. A prickly corona would envelop his body and restore it to a more pristine condition."
(Mark J. Seifer, Wizard, The Life and The Times of Nikola Tesla, Biography of a Genius)
“Whence comes all the motive power? What is the spring that drives all? We see the ocean rise and fall, the rivers flow, the wind, rain, hail and snow beat on our windows, the train and steamers come and go; we hear the rattling noise of carriages, the voices from the street; we feel, smell, and taste; and we think of all of this. And all this movement from the surging of the mighty ocean to that subtle movement concerned in our thought, has but one common cause. All this energy emanates from one single centre, one single source - the sun. The sun is the spring that drives all. The sun maintains all human life and supplies all human energy.”
(The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With The Special Reference To The Harnessing of The Sun's Energy)
“The day Science begins to study nonphysical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence.”
(My Inventions: the autobiography of Nikola Tesla)
"There manifests itself in the fully developed being , Man, a desire mysterious, inscrutable and irresistible: to imitate nature, to create, to work himself the wonders he perceives.... Long ago he recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles all things and phenomena. The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance." (My Inventions: the autobiography of Nikola Tesla)

Otto Warburg , Nobel Prize winner

"Cancer is 15 Millivolts of the cells, an aged cell is about 50 Millivolts and a normal cell is about 100 Millivolts The Tesla Coil is a Molecular Enhancer. Every cell in the body has a tiny battery in it. When that battery becomes low from stress, injury or disease then it will have electrical difficulty. This device charges the cells back up. This device powers the voltage back up in those cells so the chemical and enzymatic processes can work properly." (In Tesla Metamorphosis the practitioner acts as Tesla Coil with extra coil. A.P.)

Goran Marjanovic, writes in his article
Tesla`s Non-Hertzian Waves :

"A description of the multi-dimensional structure of the Unity implied by the Model demands a lot of explanation, but for on this occasion let us say, in the most simplified manner, that the fourth dimension (which is vertical to all three of "our already existing ones") has the direction which can be most approximately described by the words "from the inside out" (and the other way around)."

Experiments with Teslian (NonHertzian ) waves . To see more, click here.


“....the model points that Tesla’s transformer presents a far more complex machine. It is MULTIDIMENSIONALLY RESONANT «with itself» (among partial elements of the machine), as well as with the whole surrounding environment, including the Earth (ie. macro structure) and «vacuum» (micro structure), or, using the Model terminology, equally “from outside“ and “from inside “, which enables the significantly more complex processes of the “oscillating“ energy and of the energy transformation. With the classic (Hertczian) devices this simply is not possible because the necessary requirements are not available «the multidimensional resonance»."

(Goran.Marjanovic, The Secret of Tesla's Coils )

Experiments with Tesa frequencies.

According to P.D. Uspenski (G.I.Gurdijev), in Searching for Miracles, The Fragments of Unknown Teaching, one of the basic Universal Laws is the law of the number 7 or the law of octaves. To be able to understand the meaning of this law, it is essential to view the universe as something composed of vibrations, which correspondence completely with the, for example, Walter Russell’s interpretation: “everything is light!” ... In this context vibrations are, according to the general opinion accepted in the West, continuous. That means that the general opinion is that the vibrations flow continuously amplified or reduced, as long as the initial force which triggered this vibration of the impulse and which overcame the resistance of the environment in which the vibrations are taking place, is in action...

Ancient knowledge is based on the understanding of the vibration on the principle of discontinuity of the vibration, which is identical to our concept of the energy density quantization (space-time). The principle of discontinuity of the vibration signifies the definite and indispensable quality of all vibrations in nature, regardless of whether they are amplified or reduced, they are developing, not uniformly, but with periodic exonerations and reductions.

These laws are illustrated in chart 3, in the ennagram of the continuous motion (P.D. Uspenski) for which the humans searched from the ancient times, looking everywhere but within themselves, instead of looking within, trying to construct the “perpetuum mobile” in the way a mechanic (3D) machine would be constructed, while the real “perpetuum mobile” is a part of complex, multidimensional, infinite motion and cannot be created abstracted from such a structure.
(The Secret of Tesla’s Coils)

Image3: Eneagram, P.D. Uspenski





It is interesting that the
Usperki’s ennagram
(above left) is equal to Pythagoras’s ennagram (left), which was also used in Christianity (below left).

Enneagram is a multidimensional symbol of transformation (metamorphosis).
It provides a structure and a process for change. It opens up a way for the complete development of the human being. (Anya’s comparison.)

Marjanovic stresses that “There is extremely higher density on the side of the transmitter, and this creates deformations of the local time-space structure and the manifestation of the relativistic effects, which creates the change of a series of parameters as a consequence, including permittivity and permeability of the environment. “ The Secret of Tesla’s Coils

“Tesla Waves have a quantum carrier. They are different not only in quantity of their frequency; they are also different in their energy structure and form. They are a richer, multidimensional form of energy vibration. In our quasi-real space which we define with three space and one time dimension, we are not able to perceive them; we can only see them as their own shadow, or in a shape of electro-magnetic waves which spread in a strange way, or in a shape of longitudinal waves, or as some
anomalies in gravitation. They are actually all that join together, but we do not have a name which would express all those complex aspects of Tesla Waves”, explains the scientist Goran Marjanovic. "Tajna Teslinih valova" by Kresimir Misak (Croatian)

Read the whole article, The Secret of Tesla’s Coils. in which Marjanovic explains Tesla's free energy.
Read Marjanovic's Absolutely NEW IDEAS
Interesting articles on Tesla you will find of Academia NOIA

William A. Tiller, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor, Stanford University

“In 1970, I was Department Chair at Stanford and I got myself seriously committed to being involved in psychoenergetic science in parallel with my conventional science. I've written four books in that area.
The issue is really one of information medicine, which is somewhat down the road from energy medicine, which is still down the road a little from chemical medicine. Chemical medicine is what we've had in the past, but we realized that – the simple metaphor is – if you put bacteria in a glass of water and throw some silver colloidal particles in there, it'll kill the bacteria. People thought that was due to the contact and that led to chemical medicine.
But, if you, in fact, have the same experimental setup except you put the silver in as an electrode in a fluorescent tube and focus light on the jar, then you still kill the bacteria. That leads to energy medicine. Furthermore, we have found that, if in the same room you have the jar with the bacteria in the water and you plug in an intention-imprinted electrical device – then, in short order, you can kill the bacteria. That's really information that's been exchanged. And that leads to information medicine.
There are many energies involved in light. There is, of course, electromagnetic light, which everyone knows about. The coarsest level of the human body is all about electromagnetic energy. So you can use light in the way it's used in energy medicine, especially on acupuncture points, to systemically provide healing in the body."
Or you can go to a higher level... magnetoelectric energy. That has an aspect of light as well. And at all of these higher dimensional levels there is a light which is the communicator between the aspects of substance at that level of being.
I have come to the view that we are always radiating and receiving from each other on many, many bands, and the only band that our present science knows about is the electromagnetic one. The higher dimensional bands are not yet quantitatively available to us because the instruments we have are designed primarily on the electric atom molecule level of reality, and therefore confined to radiations that go slower or equal to the velocity of electromagnetic light.
But, in the reference frame that I use to understand the experiments that I've been dealing with for 35 years, and that other people have been doing as well, many of these [energies], I feel, travel faster than the velocity of light and therefore cannot be accessed by the conventional instruments.
We've also developed an instrument now which can access these higher dimensional levels of reality. It's just a beginning, but at least it's one in which we can have a readout. That's very important, so that we can begin to monitor the space in which healers work and describe the level of effectiveness of what they're doing on an energy level, in terms of a quantitative measurement of that particular space."


Prof. Velimir Abramovic, PhD

"[Tesla] Inventor of alternating current polyphase engines and generators, reversible magnetic fields, radio, teleautomatics, an inventor, on whose patents the energy of the Twentieth century and beyond is based, worked alone on the explanation of cosmic processes during the decades, having a desire to combine the material and the spiritual theoretically like he did in his practical discoveries. (Tesla's Metaphysics and Cosmology)

"The information, which means time-pattern, and Communication, which means resonance of the systems, are the key signs of the change in the evolution of central ideas." (Nikola Tesla)

"Civilization based on the Space and sacrifice is going to end. The global civilization of Nikola Tesla comes, founded on the true comprehension of Time and conscious control of changing." (Nikola Tesla)
"Being a mature scientist, he came to fundamental conclusions, which will become a new milestone in future science. . " (Tesla's Metaphysics and Cosmology)
"Whether it will be an overestimate to say that Tesla in 1900 grounded the possibility of global information-oriented society in his famous project - World-wide system? Whether it is actually technical and technological basis of that, we call now "New World order"? Shall we consider Tesla to be a spiritual precursor of a new scientific and technological civilization named as Tesliana? Technology of "time design" rules in Tesliana, where the time-shift or rather asynchronicity of various levels of physical processes will be the only and inexhaustible energy source." (Nikola Tesla)
"Believing that the Universe is alive and people are "automates" in some extent, acting according to Creator's plans; Tesla made an original theory of memory. He considered that human brain hasn't ability to remember in the way that we consider it to do (biochemical or rather biophysical way) and memory is only a reaction of human brain on recurring external irritant. Really, it is unusual that Tesla, who had a very good memory (he spoke seven or eight languages) and had ability for eidetic imagination was sure that there is no human memory. It is more important that the author of few hundreds of scientific discoveries didn't consider his creativity to be his own desert and surely stated that he is only a conductor of ideas, which come from the world of ideas to the world of people and practice " (Nikola Tesla)
"Though development of modern science and technology mainly confirmed Tesla's oracular ideas, it didn't match with them in fundamental sense, namely all forethought ideas Tesla wanted to realize by means of transmission through the Earth, but not from surrounding orbits. Due to the same reasons, which made him to stand up against using of atomic energy dangerous for people because of their ignorance of real structure of matter, Tesla considered that any infringement of cosmic space, magnetic field of the Earth is an infringement of harmony inherent to natural laws. In addition, it is a consequence of negative influence of people's free will, which becomes destructive in absence of ethical component in science. Free will can be creative only with kindness, which accompanies to the higher understanding and conscious selection of positive intentions. He considered that humankind living on the Earth should understand all kinds of natural alliance with the planet otherwise people will be deprived of it." (Nikola Tesla)

"He, as if, changes the usual direction of nervous impulse on the opposite direction, from brain to retina, eliminated external image and substituted it with eidetic one. Tesla sent his impulses like from "inside". He called it mental laboratory. In addition, it was his main method of experimenting. He had an ability to transfer mathematical, abstract notions into inside visible images, give them geometrical interpretation, and then transfer them into the form that could be physically realized, form of working models for realization in device" (Nikola Tesla)

"If electromagnetic oscillations correspond to the mental plan discovery made by Tesla at Colorado Springs is still proved experimentally now), then it means that mental plan itself should have the same nature and follow resonance law.

Eye - Brain - Image mirror in
Author: Boris Petrovic Read the article

In Tesla's experiments in Colorado Springs in 1899-1900, he "Most likely, he could create a field using ultra high frequency. This field corresponded to resonance frequencies of disincarnate soul (soul, which already has no connection with the body) and thus he became proficient in visualization techniques of the so-called astral level of being for biological organisms. Calculations in Tesla's records could seem to be insignificant for modern specialist since they are very simple and can be understood without additional explanations. Only mind, which has similar perceptive ability, can understand them."
(Nikola Tesla)
"Only the future will give a real explanation of Tesla as a phenomenon, because he went far ahead and he stands higher than the methods accepted nowadays." (Nikola Tesla)
"He studied operation of human brain on himself. He wrote to his fellow Johnson about some intelligent properties of electromagnetic field. Biophysical principles of neurology were born." (Nikola Tesla)
"Nature of influence of music on a man is the same as the nature of its influence on the world of things and events, because vibration is the basis for all. Frequency of vibrations of subatomic particles is very high and waves in the centre of subatomic nucleus move quicker. Vibrations of all radiant energies (radio waves, heat, light, X-waves and so on) could be regulated. Electromagnetic spectrum in such consideration contains more than 80 known octaves and visual light is only a part of this rank.

Electromagnetic waves as acoustic waves in music have their own harmonious high-pitch tones and there is some kind of octave principle, i.e. doubling of frequency. Laws of music and harmony applied to electromagnetism give splendid results. That's why Nikola Tesla used the works by Herman Helmholz about sound in his electrical resonators.

We can say that all animate things are oscillators, which pulse and change their rhythms. Even the simplest unicellular organism is in complex oscillatory state. All motions on subatomic, atomic, molecular, subcellular and cellular levels are coordinated. In such an organism like a human one it is very difficult and even impossible to determine corresponding parameters. Our inner rhythms are closely interconnected and they are coordinated with external world. Physics of a man and states on his rarified plan (astral) change in one rhythm with the Earth's movement around the Sun, with ebbs and flows, change of day and night and with many other cosmic rhythms. With violation of coordination between these rhythms organism feels discomfort and even presentiment of near illness.

Our physical body serves as exponent of our inner leading pulse and at the same time, it is our individual distinction in Cosmos. The so-called "fine body" in essence has an electromagnetic material base. Live of each of us is characterized by certain rhythmical scheme, which is subjected to physical death and retains an extracorporeal experience of the spirit, which should be reincarnated.

There is a supposition that the so-called "Shuman waves" takes place in the telepathic transmission of image and thought. These are waves of 7,8 Hz frequency, which form a field of standing waves in the space between ionosphere of the Earth and its surface. It is our natural electromagnetic layer, which can be fully felt at the seashore or in the forest, though sea and forest absorb other harmful frequencies. It may occur that a brain enters the state of resonance with some external structure; a result will be appearance of its image at a distance, i.e. there is a contact made by means of resonance but not by means of radiation. Since these waves have a big length (38 000 km), then transmission takes place immediately. Waves with such an extreme low frequency cannot be screened by usual means. In essence, waves of an organism often coincide with these waves by phase. However, the problem is that waves with such low frequencies can transmit quite little information and therefore it is often impossible to receive a clear picture and give a full description of images of things." (Nikola Tesla)

Read the complete article Nikola Tesla.
To read the complete article Tesla's Metaphysics and Cosmology
Interesting articles on Tesla you will find of Academia NOIA

Scott R. Pepin, MD, Chad J. Griffith, MD, Coen A. Wijdicks, MSc, Ute Goerke, PhD, Margaret A. McNulty, Josh B. Parker, BS, Cathy S. Carlson, DVM, PhD, Jutta Ellermann, MD, PhD and Robert F. LaPrade, MD, PhD

These results demonstrate that 7.0-T magnetic resonance imaging provides an alternative method to histology to evaluate early osteoarthritic changes in articular cartilage in a canine model by detecting increases in articular cartilage area.

Clinical Relevance: The noninvasive nature of 7.0-T magnetic resonance imaging will allow for in vivo monitoring of osteoarthritis progression and intervention in animal models and humans for osteoarthritis.
(A Comparative Analysis of 7.0-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Histology Measurements of Knee Articular Cartilage in a Canine Posterolateral Knee Injury Model )
To read more, click here.

Mark J. Seifer: Wizard, The Life and The Times of Nikola Tesla, Biography of a Genious

"Tesla began to experiment with the healing properties of his oscillators as reports began to filter in from around the country about its remarkable curative properties. These high-frequency "vitality boosters" would generate a "universal healing agent" that, when applied, would enable the body to "throw off all diseases," said Dr. F. Finch Strong. "Effects obtained [included] ... increase of strength, appetite and weight, induction of natural sleep, and elimination."' Other doctors reported the ability to cure tuberculosis."

Boris Petrovic,

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy,
The NOOSPHERE SPIRITUAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION as the key to multidimensional existence.

HRONOYA is a prophecy for the new mankind, opening the door to global understanding of the importance of time cycles consciousness, and the adoption of the new scientific thought on TIME – THE NEW SCIENCE OF TIME. ...

Human beings accumulate living energy at the root energy center, located at the base of spine. The KUNDALINI ASCENT is the energy transfer mechanism for the human etheric body. The three-part kundalini spinal flow of energy includes the most important vibratory centers of the human organism: the ROOT, the HEART and the DIAMOND MIND. The Sun as the vital energy source of Solar System planetary bodies acts as the root center in the energy transfer mechanism similar to human KUNDALINI. The three important vibratory centers acting as the Solar Logos kundalini ascent are the SUN (ROOT), the Earth's magnetosphere reconnection (HEART), and the bi-polar magnetic field acting as the DIAMOND MIND of the ANIMA MUNDI. The Solar wind is an energy transfer mechanism similar to the ascent of electrical impulses through the human spinal cord.

To read the whole article, click here.
To watch the presentation, click here.

Free Energy for all Humans as GODS
All pervading electrical GOD circuit – Infinite Series of Tesla Coils

The SUN=Source
Magnetosphere Reconnection=Spark gap (heart-vibratory initiator-timer)
Van Allen Belt=Capacitor (storage)
Earth Field Lines, Ley Lines=Primary transmitters
Humans=Secondary coils

Mark O’Connell, M.D.

“I am a very traditional doc,” O’Connell, internal medicine specialist and Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education at the University of Miami School of Medicine, says. “I teach internal medicine. I’m on the faculty of a medical school. I’m one of the Deans. I’m definitely not out there on the fringe. And this definitely rattled my construct of how the body works — how disease works.
“What I personally witnessed with my own patients definitely got me wondering,” he says. “Where does all this fit? There is definitely a mind-body connection — nobody can deny that, whether you are an integrative medicine person or a traditional western medicine practitioner. The mind and the body are one. And anybody who denies that is not paying attention."

Dr. Robert O Becker of Syracuse University

Robert OBecker has described how this system, more than any other, regulates injury repair processes throughout the body. Hence the entire nervous system acts as an "antenna" for projecting the biomagnetic pulsations that begin in the brain, specifically in the thalamus.Beker’s book The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and The Foundation of Life documents examples of limb regeneration in creatures as simple as salamanders on up to human children, who can regenerate the tip of a finger if the injury occurs before the age of 11 and the original amputation is a clean shear.
To read more, click here.

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