The Institute for Bio-Energetic Research

Dr Prof. Ljubo Ristovski


The Polycontrast Interference Camera Photography (PIP) provides a real-time, moving image of the energy field. It presents different frequencies in specific colour and code and indicates different densities of energy.


On the right is an insert from Dr Prof Ristovki's comments about Tesla Metamorphosis PIP camera analyses in TV program On the Edge of Science. (Zagreb, Croatia)

Language: Serbian / Croatian. Subtitles in English


The Meaning of the Purple Colour

The purple colour appears in intensive energetic processes, such as intense mental activities and exciting psychic states, during the energy exchange between a healer and a patient, where we can notice the purple colour in the aura of Tesla Metamorphosis practitioners. 

The purple strings, which appear as if they flow out of the client's body, signify that the living organism has an energy exchange with the environment. These strings show that the organism absorbs energy into those areas of the body. Therefore they are named the channels of absorption. These channels suggest that there are energetic blockages, the deficit of energy in these areas (illness). 

It is characteristic for the channels of absorption – the strings that are running from the body, to be almost always purple colour during Tesla Metamorphosis sessions. Therefore, as the channels of absorption run from the areas of the body where there are health problems, we can infer that the purple colour represents energies that are beneficial for the body, the energies that are missing in the organism.

Tesla Waves and the Purple Colour

On the left is the image of the ambient field before the activation of the Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil.

The image of the ambient field after the activation of the Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil. As we can see, the Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil creates significant changes in the field, with the emphasised presence of the purple colour.

The PIP camera does not register the static fields; therefore the changes in the field created by Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil signifies that this Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil generates the time changeable field. That proves that this Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil broadcasts the waves named Tesla Waves.
The identical frequencies of Tesla Waves which appear around Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil are registered during Tesla Metamorphosis sessions. In Tesla Metamorphosis Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil is not used, those frequencies of Tesla Waves are accessed directly from the ambient. We have mentioned before that the purple colour represents the energies which are beneficial for human health. The image on the left clearly shows that Tesla Waves carry these energies; in other words, that they have beneficial, healing effect on the human organism.

Up until now, this purple colour that appears when using Tesla Waves did not appear in any other cases when photographs of different healers using different modalities were taken with the PIP camera and analysed at the Institute. The images below show sessions of other healing modalities different from Tesla Metamorphosis (Bioenergy, Reiki, Reconnection, Biotherapy)

The Analyses of a Tesla Healing Metamorphosis Session

On the left is the image of the patient before the therapy. We can register that there are no visible channels of absorption, which means that the patient does not absorb energies from the environment.

The image on the right shows the beginning of the therapy. Channels of absorption are clearly visible:

Two purple channels of absorption (a, b), where the colour of the b channel presents the strong absorption of Tesla Waves (the waves equal to the waves created by Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil).

The appearance of orange and green colours (c, d) indicate healing changes in the area of the lower abdomen created by other healing energies;
The enhanced light areas visible on the body (e) indicate the optimal balance of energy within the organism, typical for the holistic therapies.

The absorption of Tesla Waves is increased. That amplifies the streams of energy in the patient’s body (thin red lines on hands and chest).

In this picture, we notice an even more intense white area, surrounded by an orange aureole. That indicates a very intense activity of the energy in the area of the lower abdomen of the patient. Such a white light appears in the place where the intense healing process is taking place.

It is noticeable that the energy equal to Tesla Waves is not coming from the practitioner; it seems as if it is in the field, and the practitioner directs it toward the patient. Also, we can see that this absorption does not diminish when the practitioner moves away from the patient (the image on the right). In fact, they become stronger. 

Although the practitioner is moving even more away from the patient, the absorption of Tesla Waves is not diminished. It even seems to be increased. What has changed, in comparison to the previous image, is that the absorption channels have moved from the chest area (heart chakra) toward the head (crown chakra).  A dominant presence of the purple colour is noticeable – the Tesla Waves (energy) around the patient’s head.
The effect of purple colour was also registered in the auras of participants in the seminar (see the photos below). The photos were made on the third day of the seminar, after several therapeutic exercises that the students were involved in. Some practitioners were photographed one, two or three years later, and the purple colour was still present in their auras, and even more intense.


The following comments are not a part of the analysis of Dr Prof. Ljubo Ristovski’s research, but observations made by Anya Petrovic.

Regarding purple colours in auras of Tesla Metamorphosis practitioners (above), yogis practise a special meditation in order to elevate their consciousness frequency. The meditation would start from the Basic Chakra, which is red, up through the seven main chakras, finishing with the Crown Chakra, which is purple in colour. The phenomenon of the purple colour in the auras of students who attended Tesla Metamorphosis seminars might indicate that the frequencies of Tesla Waves can enhance the frequency level of our consciousness to the level of the Crown Chakra. This could be a possible explanation of how all the students are able, in the Tesla Souls Communication Metamorphosis seminar, to achieve such a direct and simple communication on the level of the conscious, subconscious and integrative minds with their clients, though they were not aware of such their abilities before.

Image No.0092. It is possible to notice the presence of Tesla Waves even before the client and the healer stepped in. It seems as if the intention itself, to perform healing, brings the energies in.

Image No. 0093: There are visible changes in the ambient energy when the client lies on the table.

Image No. 0094: The change in the field when the healer approaches. The channels of absorption are noticeable even before the session begins.


Image No. 0097: The change in the field during the session.

Images No. 0099, 1002, 1003 and 1006: A white light framed with green and orange appears. In the image No. 0103, apart from the white light in the right corner we also notice a light on client’s arm and clothes (on the left), which seems to be coming from another light source situated between the client and the camera. As the photos are made in sequence, it is obvious that these white lights move around the table. We still do not have an explanation of what these white spherical lights represent. It appears to be a visible indicator that changes are occurring during the healing in their presence.

Video clip of Tesla Metamorphosis session made by PIP camera (on the right).